Let's talk feelings. Roar~



Putin surpassed Chuck in Tae Kwon Do level of badassery!

More importantly, he apparently released a “Let’s Learn Judo with Vladamir Putin” DVD. 

Now that winter is here, I’ve been looking for something to replace my runs with.  Anyone know where I can find a “yoga with Obama” instructional video?

Hello Jack~ my future significant other

I’ve decided my next boyfriend’s name is going to be Jack. And he will have dark, curly hair.

Picking bfs based on names and hair types is totes legit.

Just like saying “totes legit”, is totes legit.

Choosing partners based on personality seems to end in epic fails. It’s time to try something new. I’m sticking to names and hair. 



This article was fascinating! I definitely portray different characters when speaking English as opposed to Korean. But I can’t really say whether that’s due to the language itself, or the different cultures tied to them. 

I think it’s very difficult to differentiate the two because culture and language are so tightly knit together. 

Plus the fact that I’m much better at English clearly leads me to be more confident and hold much deeper conversations (shut your faces!), as well as display my sense of humor.

When speaking Korean on the other hand, I am much more passive (which I think is cultural) and also a lot “cutesier” (I know, barf). Again I think that’s cultural, plus a combination of it being the primary language I used as a young child + the primary language I use to speak to my parents (Even at 28, I’m still not an adult in my parents’ eyes and our conversations reflect that). That would mean the difference in personality when speaking in Korean is more of a social/environmental matter than the language itself.

So is it the language, culture, external factors? 


sometimes it’s really hard to stay positive.

I love Korea and I know I’m so blessed to be here, but some aspects of it are really hard to deal with.

so sometimes I cry.

ah, Korea!

2 months in Seoul so far. I think it’s time I start my rants and shpeals.